We always contact you before we start scanning. If you send us negatives we charge a little extra for making a positive conversion let us know in your order. On request we also post process your image by interpreting the image.

Film sizePrice/imagePixels approx.Mb approx
35mm€ 157000 x 5000300Mb
Xpan€ 255000 x 11000600Mb
645€ 2511000 x 8000450Mb
6×6€ 2511200 x 11200600Mb
6×7€ 2511200 x 14000800Mb
6×8€ 2511200 x 156001.0 Gb
6×9€ 2511200 x 172001.0 Gb
6×12€ 3011200 x 185001.0 Gb +
6×17€ 306720 x 19842810Mb +
5×4€3519312 x 155231.0Gb +
5×7€ 3512597 x 176371.0 Gb +
10×8€ 4519312 x 15523 1.0 Gb +
  • Filmsize/pixels: The values on this page are an approximate interpretation. Of course there are industry standards. Film sizes can differ. Like 5x7inch = 12,7×17,78 cm but often mentioned as 13X18cm almost similar but slightly different. Then there is the film and its Iso values and the subject itself containing more or less information.
  • Our Heidelberg drumscanner has the option to scan at 9600 dpi, but this is a value that will not neccesarily give more detail. We scan to the grain. In larger formats there is also an issue with the size of the scan. Files become so big they are very hard to handle and there is little to no win in sharpness or picture quality.
  • Inversion of colour negatives to positives in your drumscan is something we can provide for a small extra charge.
  • Priority handling can be provided after calling.
  • Prices are including 21% Value added tax
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